Sergio Leone said that to make the best film we had two things: a good script and a beautiful music. The rest ... He took care! 

This disc was born from a passion for film music of sixties to eighties.

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François Moity - Keys

David Menke - Saxes/Flutes

Guillaume Bongiraud - Violoncello

Julien Bourdin - Sound Engineering


Olivier Besenval – Udu & Percussions (on tracks 5 & 11) 

Jérémie Cresta – Tablas (on track 3) 



Buda Musique



Recorded by Didier Le Marchand

Mixed by Julien Bourdin @ Studio 910 Paris

CD mastered by Philipp Treiber (PDV RECORDS)


Other Credits

Artwork – Geoffroy Cormier

Front Cover Photography – J.R. Eyerman (GettyImages) 

Produced by CiNEM4TiK 

Executive Producer – François Moity Anotherway Prod. 2015